How to be the kind of tourist that tour guides love

The kind of tourist you are determines the kind of tour you get, but unfortunately, I have learned, sometimes good people are bad tourists.

In my 21/2 years leading bicycle tours of Paris, I’ve met them all: the social-media addict who takes selfies in the middle of traffic, the whiny cyclist who complains about the hills, the happy-go-lucky adventurer who takes off on her own and immediately gets lost.

Let your guide eat. If you are on a tour that includes a meal break, try not to pepper your guide with questions. It’s fun to chat, but it’s also impossible to eat at the same time.

Don’t take it personally. Understand if your guide doesn’t talk about herself too much or gently deflects personal questions. It is natural to want to get to know your guide, but even a rookie will have been asked, “Why did you move here? How long will you stay? Do you have a boyfriend?” thousands of times. If you feel a need to keep a conversation going, chat about yourself. Tell the guide about your vacation, your experiences, your opinions on the local sites. She’ll appreciate your views and insights.

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